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Online success requires more than just SEO. Our complete online marketing services takes the load off your shoulders with the perfect mix of Social Media, Search, Blogging, Local Maps and a relentless publishing schedule.

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The online marketing world has become convoluted by creative amateurs, website chop shops and free-lancers with little or no graphic design experience. With Moxzee you won’t risk precious money and time on design rookies. 

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Tired of the same old speakers that put you to sleep with boring facts and figures? Attend an Moxzee presentation and be captivated while you learn marketing wisdom from some of the industry’s most successful marketing pros.

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The Future of Online Marketing is a Panda and a Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin

For decades, the most successful marketers were those that produced great content for a specific audience and kept that audience engaged by charging subscriptions or selling copies of their publications. In the marketing industry It taught us the powerful concept that ”Content is King”. However, for too many years the kings of publishing and the leaders in marketing have cheated their way to success by ranking high in search results with SEO gimmicks that have little or no focus on quality content. Professional writing, proper editing, clean page layout and even spelling have taken a backseat to keyword density and cleverly written meta tags.

But things are about to change. With last year’s Panda release, and the more recent Penguin release, Google is going to flip SEO on its head. Old SEO was about fooling search engines into indexing junk content to get high rankings, New SEO takes the ability to fool Google and Bing out of the equation. 

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